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Discover Cremona by bike! Cremona's public bike sharing.

Cremona has established a bicycle hire service in order to help your movements and discoveries!

You will enjoy cicling slowly among the streets,  the squares, the palaces and the churches; at the outskirts of the town you can approach the great river Po and the great number of cicling paths.

Get here all the detailed information.

How to get to Cremona

How to get to Cremona

Here you can find the main routes to get to Cremona, according to the transport you will use.

By car:

  • from Milan(85 km): strada statale paullese; motorway (A1-A21) Milano-Piacenza-Cremona
  • from Brennero(300 km): motorway ( A22-A4-A21)Brennero-Verona-Brescia-Cremona
  • from Chiasso(145 km): motorway (A9-A1-A21) Como-Milano-Piacenza-Cremona
  • from Genova(175 km): motorway (A7-A21) Genova-Voghera-Piacenza-Cremona
  • from Roma(560 km): motorway (A1-A21)Roma-Firenze-Bologna-Fiorenzuola-Cremona
  • from Venezia(215 km): motorway (A4-A21) Venezia-Brescia-Cremona

By train:
the train station of Cremona is in ?Via Dante,68?


I parcheggi della città.



Elenco delle strutture ricettive della città di Cremona