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The Taste city


Cremona is set in the fruitful Po valley, characterized by a flourishing agriculture and zootechny. Our town is the place where several high quality salami and cheeses are produced, such as ?Salame Cremona IGP?, ?Provolone Valpadana?, ?Grana Padano? and ?Cotechino vaniglia?. Moreover, Cremona is the most famous producer of ? Torrone?, a kind of nougat, ?marubini? and ?mostarda?, sweet fruit pickles. Besides our best ?known products, widespread throughout Italy, Cremona also offers several products with the quality trademark ?Deco?: they can be found only in our town and they are linked to the history and tradition of Cremona. Our cuisine is rich and tasty: it is characterized by exclusive dishes, made up of ingredients produced in our area. The most famous ones are our ?gran bollito? and ?marubini?. Our typical dishes can be found in many traditional restaurants of the town.