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Die Krönungsreise - The journey throughout Lombardy and Veneto of the emperor Ferdinand the first and the paintings by Eduard Gurk

A refined and precious exhibition to mark the occasion of the two-hundred-year foundation of the Lombardy-Veneto kingdom (1815). The exhibition, organized by Cremona Municipality together with together with Autonome Provinz Bozen , in the Civic Museum Ala Ponzone (Affaitati Palace, U. Dati, 4 Street- Cremona), will last from the 20th of June to the 4th of October 2015. More than 50 paintings by the court painter Eduard Gurk who followed the emperor Ferdinand the First in his journey to receive Corona Ferrea in the Cathedral of Milan. Eduard Gurk, attentive observer, portrayed the most important moments of the journey in his paintings marking the end of an era: the year after photography was born.

The exhibition can count on the patronage of the Italian Embassy in Wien and of the city of Wien, of Lombardy Region and Italian Pavilion, Veneto Region, Autonome Provinz Bozen and Stadt Bozen, Milan, Monza and Venice Municipalities.

On the 22nd of August 1838, Ferdinand the First was crowned emperor of Lombardy and Veneto in the Cathedral of Milan with the famous corona ferrea. To mark the occasion of the two-hundred-year foundation of the Lombardy-Veneto kingdom (1815), the Museum of Cremona, together with Autonome Provinz Bozen Südtirol (that owns the paintings), wants to organize an exhibition with the watercolours painted by the court painter Eduard Gurk, who followed the emperor in his journey. The imperial procession entered in Lombardy through the new Stelvio road and, passing through Como Lake and Monza, where the Crown of the Longobard Kings is stored, it entered in Milan on the first of September. After, the Emperor visited the main cities of Lombardy like Cremona where was living the Marques and Lord Great Chamberlain Sigismondo Ala Ponzone. Sigismondo Ala Ponzone had the honour of accompanying Ferdinand the First in a part of his journey. He also participated to the official ceremonies in the Cathedral and in Sala delle Cariatidi of the Royal Palace. Moreover, he welcomed the King in his house. After a stop in Venice and in other cities of the region, Ferdinand passed though Udine and then went back to Carinthia on the 21st of October through Tarvisio mountain border post. In all these journeys Eduard Gurk was an attentive observer and portrayed on his sheets the most important moments of the celebrations and of the processions, of the tributes paid to the emperor and of the popular celebrations that took place. Some memories of Cremona concerning that journey are exhibited too.

watch the video: https://youtu.be/yNr_tL6lbwY

From the 20th of June 2015 to the 4th of October 2015 Ala Ponzone Civic Museum (opening hours: 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. Closed on Monday)

ticket € 7.00
reduced € 5.00